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Experience Okinawa’s west coast with its inviting American atmosphere in Chatan Town, Mihama!
American Village is the most popular urban resort in Okinawa, where all kinds of stores are gathered in one area: clothing, gourmet, entertainment and more!
amerikan village map
* The route starts from Naha Bus Terminal.
The nearest bus stop is “Gunbyoin-mae,” about 5 minutes away on foot.
CM 刺激編 American Village Shop Guide CM 刺激編
Dragon Palace

Welcome to Dragon Palace! Dragon Palace features a 100-yen store, souvenir shops, arcade, a wide variety of merchandise, as well as yummy bread and drink stands.
Makeman Mihama branch

Boasting an extensive range of foliage plants, Makeman is Okinawa’s largest DIY store, offering everything you need for leisure, daily necessities, household utensils and gardening DIY products.
Gourmet BLD

From teppanyaki steak, all-you-can-eat Izakaya to conveyor-belt sushi, there is something for any gastronome.
Carnival Park Mihama

This colorful mall with its landmark Ferris wheel is where many Okinawan indie music artists started their carriers at the open square in front.
Mihama Media Station

This is a meeting facility, established by Chatan Town, providing rooms for various purposes. There is a Starbucks on the first floor.
Bell System 24

Bell System 24 is a call center with telemarketing services.
American Depot

A magnet for young folks, American Depot features a great collection of casual items from the USA, ranging from sports character themes, vintage, and military items.
Plaza F

This complex comprises restaurants and a drugstore.
Mihama 7 Plex + One

The first multiple cinema complex in Okinawa! A Tony Roma’s and Italian cuisine are also available.
Seaside Square

An entertainment complex featuring a bowling alley, arcade, restaurants, Karaoke and bar.

Seafood Restaurant

Featuring local dishes at Izakaya casual atmosphere, Ajima is a great entertainment place that includes the Okinawa popular Rinken Band’s regular venue, Kalahaai.
AEON Chatan

AEON Chatan features 55 shops with everything from clothing to food to daily necessaries to restaurants. This one stop shopping mall also offers a variety of island made products.
The Beach Tower Okinawa

Built 24 stories above ground, Okinawa’s tallest resort hotel has 280 guest rooms and is just a few steps from Sunset Beach.
Chatan Town Parking

With enough capacity for about 1,500 vehicles, this municipal lot provides ample parking so that you can have fun in Mihama.
There are many more fun attractions around Mihama American Village area, including Depot Island, Distortion Building, Village House, AKARA, Oak Idea Fashion Building, at’s Chatan, Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa, Condominium Hotel MONPA, along with even more new shops coming soon. This is one of Okinawa’s hottest places to visit!
CM 刺激編 Annual events in American Village CM 刺激編
  • Early April: Sunset Beach opening / seaside clean up
  • July: The Chatan Seaport Carnival
  • October 31: The Halloween Mihama costume contest
  • December through February: Illumination at American Village
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